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Money and exchange rate


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hi Pierre and Mahesh. Very nice to hear from you. Great to hear that Pierre now you are in Kathmandu. We had a wonderful visit to Nepal, the weather was great during the Kali Gandaki trek. We did what wanted to do in Kathmandu and Pokhara and we even managed to do the mountain flight. What more could we ask for. Mahesh and Lhakpa looked after us very well and we came back with wonderful memories of Nepal, with a strong desire to return. Thanks for Frens Himalayan Treks and Expedition. Anu Mitra
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Money and exchange rate

In Kathmandu you can withdraw money everywhere with your bank card (cash machine). You will change money (cash or traveler cheque) easily in the exchange counters everywhere in KTM or Pokhara and also Lukla or Namche (however the rate will be much lower in Namche or Lukla ).
In Kathmandu and Pokhara, the price does not include your lunch and diner (between 6 and 10 euros/day/pers), outside the cities everything is included in the cost of the trip excepted extra expenses like fresh beverage (beer, coke…) and sweet (mars, snicker…)
Try not to change money at the airport where the rate is lower than in Kathmandu.
Keep at least one receipt if you want to convert your roupies when you leave the country.
To calculate your budget as well as possible don’t hesitate to talk with us.