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hi Pierre and Mahesh. Very nice to hear from you. Great to hear that Pierre now you are in Kathmandu. We had a wonderful visit to Nepal, the weather was great during the Kali Gandaki trek. We did what wanted to do in Kathmandu and Pokhara and we even managed to do the mountain flight. What more could we ask for. Mahesh and Lhakpa looked after us very well and we came back with wonderful memories of Nepal, with a strong desire to return. Thanks for Frens Himalayan Treks and Expedition. Anu Mitra
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Ladakh, high land perched on the Tibetan plateau, is captivatingly beautiful. This high-altitude desert with scattered oasis is populated in majority by Buddhists known for their kindness and nonchalance. Besides the wonderful oasis of the Indus Valley sheltering many monasteries, Ladakh is teeming with valleys of another era which are mostly accessible by foot.
From the deep valleys of Zanskar topped by snowy peaks to the wide valleys of Changtang where you will find a number of nomads with their herds of goats and yaks, from the region of Sham renowned for its refined architecture to the Nubra the ancient path of the famous Silk Route with its dunes and Bactrian camels, Ladakh, one of the last refuges of the free Tibetan culture, is one of the regions at the « End of the World » where you feel like between earth and sky.


Lamayuru to Hemis

A very nice circuit between 2 fantastic monasteries in a mineral atmosphere, ideal for a first experience in Ladakh. This course allows one to fully savor the simple lifestyle and scenery of Ladakh: ancient Monasteries scattered on steep cliffs edge, beautiful villages, cultivated fields surrounded by desert rocky landscapes, snow covered peaks like the Kang ... more

Trek in Rupshu

A trek that offers you glimpses into an amazingly diverse landscapes. Range after range of stark barren mountains that magically change colours with the traverse of the sun; high snow covered mountain passes with breathtaking panoramic vistas; ancient monasteries and wizened monks living in a land that time seems to have forgotten; and the enormous ... more

Nubra valley trek

The Nubra valley is located north of Ladakh near the Karakorum range and its altitude is lower than Zanskar, that’s why it has a mild climate and is therefore richer in vegetation. It is often referred to as the "Orchard of Ladakh". In ancient times, the valley was part of the Caravan Route, today it ... more

Trans Zanskar trek

Sandwiched between the Indus valley and the main crest of the Indian Himalaya, Zanskar is a vast area what at over 3000 square miles and well guarded by snowy mountain passes. Isolated during 8 months from the rest of the world Zanskar has kept alive an archaic form of Tibetan buddhism whitch flourishes in a ... more